Sunday, October 14, 2012


The militant journalism of the channels and dirty-papers of corruption, rushed to place the People's Association-Golden Dawn, at the right edge of modern political mosaic. Immediately after the electoral success of our Movement, following the pre-election mud attack, the journalists-gears of the vicious regime insisted furiously to characterize us as the "extreme right". This tactic is anything but random. In contrast, it's a strategic disorientation of our People in a desperate attempt of the regime in order to remain upright. It would particularly suit the regime, if our movement was the spearhead of the urban extreme right. Unfortunately for them they are wrong.

We spit on the face of Right-wing traitors, spit their loyalty to the Zionist regime, spit their political respectability! Characterizing the Greek nationalists as right-wing, the well-paid media pens are serving one more feasibility: To leave untouched and away from any criticis the supposedly "socialist" left. A left which thinks has the "infallibility of the pope" and to which all political forces have to apologise.

The greatest fear of the modern political Regime since the appearance of our Movement is not the defeat of the right-wing nationalist myth, but the disengagement,the mass, final and irrevocable shift of Greek Workers, from the regime's limits of the Left, to the arms of the revolutionary Greek social Nationalism! The People's Nationalist Movement from the first moment of it's political activity, proclaimed in all the tones, the full support and protection of Greek workers. It was the slogan "Jobs for Greek labor" that rocked the streets of Athens from the mid 90s till today, making the leadership of the left lose their sleep. And while we, nationalists, argued from the beginning against the invasion of foreign workforce, the unfortunate Marxists rushed to the side of smuggled migrants, essentially serving the interests of capitalists. And if earlier, the Marxist propaganda presented immigrants as participants in an "economic surge" of Greece and helpers to support the cashiers, the signing of the memorandums followed and the economic collapse of 2010, to dissolve like a sand palace, this Marxist myth.

Who was actually the benefited of the massive invasion of foreign manpower in our country? It was undoubtedly the class of capitalists, especially great contractos of the state, those who set up a dance festival of wasting the money of the People, for the Olympic 2004 Games. We proclaimed then and shout even today with the full power of Our Soul: The Left seeks the role of the pimp in the labour movement so they can then push them in the claws of international capitalism. The enemy is not a class, the enemy is National!

The Bolsheviks of the communist party, were in no way interested in class interests when with capitalist audacity fired workers from their party companies. They were the same that demanded minimum wage 1200 € for all employees ... But like we said, criticism of the Communist Party is prohibited, those who venture it are anticommunists. This is the democracy that the leadership of Perissos(KKE offices) believes in, Soviet type, Stalinist. So, they should not shriek, pretending to be the victims of the regime's persecution. The Communist Party has repeatedly proven to be an integral part of the regime and deserves the politician burial, from the hands of the Greek Workers, which for years was cheating.

Equally "socialist" is the party of Koumoundourou(SYRIZA offices). The normal breakdown of "pro-worker" PASOK with the surrender of our people at usurious disposition of the International Monetary Fund, was replaced by the regime promoting leadership profile of the president of SYRIZA. Mr. Tsipras, promoted like few from the Greek regime's media - which are supossed to be against him-but also the overseas Zionist networks in the U.S., barking, looking for a left turn-as he says-in society. With who to lead? But of course those worker-bosses with those drones of the state who benefited as no one, those who built the modern political, bunkrupt morally, politically and economically, regime through the ranks of PASOK. The fact that the bourgeois leftists of the ensconced parastate PASOK party found refuge in Koumoundourou comes alone to defy any antisystemic ridiculous myth that is artistically cultivated by the leftist journalists. Every Greek worker should consider if the blood and sweat of everyday struggle can be appreciated by the ensconced PASOK trade unionist who became rich during the days of PASOK and is now supposedly fighting for the left turn of society through the ranks of SYRIZA. Greek worker should consider if the -party appointed- public official who strongly support today the party of Koumoundourou ever felt the daily insecurity of the private sector.

Nobody has the right to harbor illusions anymore. The anti-Greek regime, the journalists of corruption and the leaders of the Left parties have a huge share of responsibility for the current misery of the Greek workforce. However,they close their eyes to the causes of the problem, disorienting the people, trying to highlight the risk of diversion of the political system. But what is the aberration and what the political system? The regime under which we live, this scheme of treason and universal bankruptcy, was created by no other, but the, sacred to the Left "generation of the polytechneio(means those who took part in November 17,1973 events)". It's just that the Marxist leadership compromised and collaborated with supposedly class, capitalist enemy, while at the same time, the world of workers is led to economic and therefore biological extermination.

They will never understand the leftist "enlightened" state-lovers the agony of a Greek worker who lost his job and is subjected to the torture of watching his family starve. They will never understand the "revolutionary" leftists the fear of a Greek worker, who is a prisoner of the interest of the predatory banking system. And they will never understand, because leftists never found themselves in the place of a Greek worker. In contrast with the sweat and blood of the worker, the leftist had always been the privileged of the regime of rottenness and corruption. Far from being random is the prevalence of the rubella plague across the state mechanism. Open your eyes and look around: The elite of the state is red, yes! The "socialist comrades" is the regime itself! For this reason, the deep incumbent PASOK crossed overnight the gates of Koumoundourou: they do not want the destruction of the regime, they eagerly seek-and it is in their best interest-not only the maintanane, but the perpetuation of the corrupt Regime!

And while Greek Workers bend forward from the fear of unemployment and the economic strangulation from the political regime, which is led and carried by the demands of the international moneylenders, the main concept of the Left is to protect the "rights" of illegal immigrants. There was no call from the rediculous leftist organizations-which meanwhile became rich from sponsorships from the Regime who they supposedly fought-for coping with the "xenophobia and racism", which was not responded immediately by the union leaderships of the ensconced. At the same time that the Greek worker's table was empty , the worker-bosses were standing on the side of those who came to the country illegally, dissolve the cashiers and the social fabric, leading Greeks to unemployment , while helping to increase the profits of the capitalists.

The political Left is by definition doomed to fail because it simply seeks to achieve something completely abnormal: to cultivate by force "class consciousness" between totally disparate elements. You can never match the interests of the Greek labor with those of any foreigner. No matter how the marxist left rabies to impose inhuman ideologies, the National Conscience will come to triumph over the ruins of malicious human intervention! Nobody can refute the eternal natural law, no one can refute the Law of Blood!

We have to recognize the leftist Scams, masterful ability to whine in front of the masses of the workers, citing the necessity of class revolution, at the same time that they interact with the flock of traditional capitalist political forces to ban the original Socialist speech as expressed by the positions and actions of the People's Nationalist Movement of the Golden Dawn. It was and is the People's Nationalist Movement that has opened its arms to embrace the Greek people tested by anti-national and anti-social policies of the corrupt Regime.

Under the title "People's money back to people," we organized - and will continue to do that-food distributions to our compatriots who have real need. With the program "Work for Greeks" we try-and will continue to do so-to relieve our compatriots who are looking for work. With the establishment of a blood bank only for Greeks we finally pay another debt to our breed, giving the holiest of our goods to the Greek people. THIS IS OUR SOCIALISM!

At the political level, we struggle every day to crush the Status of political corruption, against all those forces that process the betrayal of the Fatherland and the extermination of our people. We proudly raised the banner of our Nationalist faith, for the protection of our people against the imposition of multiculturalism. We are seeking the punishment of the traitors of the political system, we strugle to build a new national state, which will be able to meet the demands of the future, based on the foundations of a glorious past. And this actually titanic project could never be carried out by the corpses of the regime ensconced Left. This project is a case of a genuine social and Nationalist Movement, which is required to be the guarantor of the unity of our people. The Golden Dawn of the people, the Golden Dawn with the people, the Golden Dawn for the People! THIS IS OUR NATIONALISM!

As the struggle of our Movement to achieve the end goal involves a direct conflict with the united forces of the regime, we need to achieve the broadest possible alliance with sections of the People, which have the strength and courage to fight for a higher ideal , Freedom of the Fatherland. And these parts are the Greek Workers, unemployed Greeks and Greek Youth. Only in the hands of those we can trust our nationalist flags, only those can understand the right and yet heroic of our struggle!

And will soon come the day anticipated by the sky, the earth and the sea, the day awaited by the whole volk, a volk stricken by desperation and poverty but still proud, the day when in front of our leaders will stand millions of Nationalist Fighters, with faith stronger than Fire. And then there will be no power in the world to stand against our iron will for a social nationalist revolution!

Hail the leader! Hail the Movement! Hail Victory!


T.O. Evia-Boeotia"


(gjengitt med tillatelse fra en representant fra Chrysi Avgi, også kjent som Golden Dawn. Meningene som kommer til uttrykk sammenfaller ikke nødvendigvis 100% med Lighthouse Merus, men essensen ble ansett som viktig å få frem: venstresidens hykleri, grekernes kamp for sosial rettferdighet og uavhengighet fra den globale økonomiske og politiske elite; alle ansett som kjernepunkter i utsynet til dette partiet, denne bevegelsen. Hykleriet blir gjennomskuet av folket, mens sosial rettferdighet og uavhengighet fra den globale økonomiske og politiske eliten vil det Chrysi Avgi representerer ta seg av.)